What do you stand for?

“Dad? We’d like to check out your son,” said the labor and delivery nurse.

Without letting go, my husband instinctively and protectively cradled our firstborn in his arms as he walked over to the nurses so they could do their routine postnatal check.

Then I heard him say, “No.”

He and I along with our midwife previously discussed the type of care we wanted from the birthing staff during and after our child’s birth. In that moment, I witnessed my husband standing by what we agreed to.

I was in awe. My husband embodied being a stand for our son and from that place was empowered to make decisions that were in alignment with our commitment. Needless to say the nurse was taken a bit aback from his refusing a certain, common treatment, but my husband stood tall and firm and grounded – energetically and physically. Because he was clear on the why (or for the sake of what) behind our post-birth protocol wishes, he felt emboldened to stand for our values and our standards as parents.

My husband and I as new parents created standards based on what we care about and what is important to us. In turn, those standards set healthy and clear boundaries.

Looking back, I see how as a couple, we used language in a powerful way to declare what type of care we want for our son and in a larger context, what we stand for as his parents and what we are willing to fight for. From that, we took on the leadership stance of creating a context in which we developed a strong, shared understanding of what is acceptable and not acceptable for our son and how we want him to be treated and related to in the world — which ultimately impacts how he relates to himself as a growing individual and future leader. Through language we created a world. 

This is no small act here. There is a lot at stake. In this case, our son’s life!

Creating our stand and being in regular conversation about it together as parents has helped us form a solid, unified partnership. It helps us navigate the world and move with integrity and dignity and confidence – even if the path we choose is the unpopular or progressive one.

It goes without saying that the practice of being a stand for something is a critical one. It can save your life.

So I leave you with these questions to ponder:

  1. What do you care deeply about?
  2. What is your stand in that matter?
  3. What commitments are you going to take and embody inside of that stand?
  4. Why is your stand and commitment so important to you? (For the sake of what or who is it taking care of?)
  5. ….And do you dare to share that with others?

Here’s to standing for something that matters,


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