• Lora Cecca Lyons is a natural healer whose ability to deliver her gift is combined with the ultimate level of skill in a movement discipline called 'Somatics'. I have seen her work with individual clients, small groups, and large groups. Her skill of leadership is apparent and echoed by the participants. I see her work as applicable to Leadership and Work Teams, and approach is adaptable for groups of various size and composition, and she does this flexibly. This approach, 'Somatics' augments mental learning and analysis. For many the physical path is present and available. For all who seek a life of peace and healing, it is of great and enduring value if not essential.

    Dr. Matt Budd
    Dr. Matt Budd Internist, Author (“You Are What You Say”) and Co-Owner of the F. Holland Day House
  • We hired Lora Lyons of Lyons Leadership Coaching to provide a Department Training.  It was a pleasure to work with her: she was extremely prompt and professional. I was particularly impressed  with how she designed the material to meet our needs. The presentation far exceeded my expectations! The workshop was a huge success!  Everyone I talked to loved it and received value from it. Thank you again, so much!

    Lori Whitmore
    Lori Whitmore Lead DBA, Infrastructure Solutions, IT, BJ's Wholesale Club
  • At the point in my career around 2006, I was looking at how to take being a peak performer beyond my accomplishment levels and began a search for a success coach. At that time I had maximized my level of attainment via my own efforts. As with matching a candidate, it was important to interview and take time with prospective coaches to learn about their successes and their philosophies. Lora was both that objective and subjective match. Her focus was on things important to me and by way of design, I was able to implement changes that brought success in my last employer. Lora's coaching, guidance and support was also instrumental in me beginning my own company and practice. I would, and have confidently recommended Lora to other professionals seeking the same peak performance coaching only she offers.

    David lacomini
    David lacomini Principal & Coach at DMRI Executive Search
  • When I attended Lora Lyons' workshop, 'Launch Yourself with Purpose and Clarity in 2009,' I was impressed. Lora embodies the 'natural state of ease' she speaks about in her leadership training.

    Dr. Paula Scully
    Dr. Paula Scully Founder of DreamBoldLiveBold.com
  • Lora helped me to slow down, notice how I trapped myself into a triangle of victimization and resentment, and gave me the tools and practices to make deep and welcome changes in my life. Working with her has been an empowering process of self discovery. There is no way that I am going back to the way things were before. Now the future holds so many possibilities! By being present every day, I will be ready to accept and take on what lies ahead with joy and contentment. Even dealing with my second cancer diagnosis... and that says a lot!

    Mary Beth Witkavitch
    Mary Beth Witkavitch Teacher
  • Without your mentoring and guidance I would not be the person I am today.  My life has been changed for the best!  I am a person who can now communicate my needs clearly to others, accept or decline requests gracefully and allow time for myself to relax and not sweat the small stuff.  I understand my internal wisdom and power and use it to be the successful and confident businesswoman I always wanted to be.  I have learned the tools needed to be grounded, to forgive and to strengthen my inner wisdom and power.  I have learned to understand who I am and what I believe in.  I am a more open and accepting person, willing to see what others have to offer as well as being willing to offer myself to others.  I am very grateful for your support, guidance, wisdom and amazing clarity.  This was the best "class" if you will, I have ever taken for myself.  I have encouraged many friends and family members to try this journey with you.

    Marjorie Lydon RN, Independent Consultant and Mother of two
  • I am myself again. Through working with Lora to release negative emotions and learning to use my voice I have recaptured the sense of wonder, possibility and power that I had about my life as a child. I have reconnected with my dreams and am living a life where I am fulfilled and self-expressed.

    Katie Lesesne
    Katie Lesesne Residential Counselor and aspiring Writer
  • Lora has a beautiful way of listening, understanding, and inviting you to step into a process of self-discovery and self-renewal. Her approach is gentle, empathetic, compassionate, and powerful. During my time with her, she helped me examine old narratives, release the weight of old decisions, and become more fully present and connected with myself. This experience was timely and transformative, and I will be forever grateful.

    GP "Recovering Workaholic" and Mother of Two