Reclaiming your power. How to lessen the impact of outside circumstances

Has this happened to you?

Your expectations fall short of reality and then you fall into a tizzy?

That’s how today began.

I stepped outside for an early morning run expecting the same balmy 60-degree temperature as yesterday morning. So I thought I was appropriately and comfortably prepared donning shorts and a short-sleeve shirt. But I was in for an unpleasant surprise. I gasped as a cool 35-degree breeze stung my skin.

This is a bit dramatic since it wasn’t THIS cold. Viktoria Smolina demonstrates mind over matter in Siberian weather.

Reality did not match my expectations. This triggered thoughts and emotions followed by an assumption. My outlook and mood quickly turned sour.  

“I am going to be cold!” I started to think to myself. “Oh no. I don’t have time right now to grab more clothes. This run is going to be miserable,” I declared.  

Doom and gloom.

What a lovely way to start the day! Fortunately, I caught myself and noticed the negative train of thoughts.

I began to challenge my beliefs: “I’ve dressed like this before in this temperature. Did I freeze to death?” I reminded myself of how the body temperature rises about 20 degrees higher when running, then did the math of what that would be to help myself feel better.

This calmed me down and I kept running. What was cool (pun might be intended) was noticing that if I paid attention to the warmth of the heat my body generated, I felt comfortable. Even in the face of the cool winter breeze. It was like I had a super power! When I brought my attention to what was happening inside of me in that present moment, I grew impervious to outside circumstances.

This reminds me of the key principle to owning your life:

Energy follows attention. What you focus on, you create. 

This then becomes our reality.

I am so grateful for this fundamental truth. With all that’s happening in our world and all the opinions and emotions escalating and swirling around us, now, more than ever, we must remember to return to our center. When I forget, I lose balance and get sucked into the chaotic energy around me and totally lose myself. It’s a miserable existence. (And miserable for those around me, too, I might add.) Can you relate?

This is where the practice of  presencing ourselves helps us to increase our choices and reclaim our power. Which thankfully, I remembered to do this very morning. I took my attention from focusing on the outside and redirected it towards what my body was experiencing in that moment. I got out of my head! And back into my body where I experience real life.

It’s amazing how simple it is. Yet it’s not always easy to remember. That, I know for sure.

Here is an invitation. Are you open to joining me in practicing this principle at least once a day? If you already do, are you willing to add more repetitions? What might open up for you as a result of engaging in this exercise? For me, it will help me be a calm parent, grounded leader, diminish anxiety…and able to run in the cold! That makes it worth it! How about you?

To our natural super power,

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