To get up or stay in bed? Some days it’s a tough call. How to choose wisely

I opened my eyes this morning and already felt the challenge of the day. My body felt heavy with melancholy and fatigue. I knew why I felt that way, but that information did not lift my energy nor motivate me. The weight of my emotions pulled me down. To move underneath all of that will require something. An act of sheer will.

The events of yesterday held onto me. I gave myself permission to enjoy some deep reds and top it off with a toast of bubbly with a lovely group of people as we celebrated the life of a great soul. The effects from the evening carried over into the early twilight of this day. Makes sense I felt the way I did. Reason convinces me to stay put and sleep the day off.

Can you relate?

I found myself staring down at day brimming with a boatload of things to accomplish. That reality alone produced a sense of overwhelm. If I let it.

I could totally do what I normally do when in this kind of funk. It would be so easy to continue this cycle by eating carbs and drinking coffee to help give me pep and override this melancholy and sugar low. Or just sit on the couch and stare for hours at the television. Or just scroll Facebook all day. But I know where this would inevitably take me – into a dark well of sadness. And lots of self pity. Not worth it in the end.

So. I made a choice. I tried something unusual.

Instead of pushing myself and forcing my way through OR sitting back then beating myself up for “laziness” I choose differently.

It took a LOT of discipline to climb out of bed to re-center and grab a jump rope. Because, honestly, I really just wanted to stay under the warm covers. Who wouldn’t?

I took a risk to try something out of character. Today I choose to be in the practice of easing in and leaning in towards my most important priorities of the day. With deep breathes and a relaxed body.

It’s not often these days that I go off course with my eating habits. And it’s okay if I do. But it’s the getting back on the horse that’s the most important thing. The re-commitment. Which is fueled by my “why” or “for the sake of what.” Without that, it’s just an empty commitment or goal or wish-upon-a-star.

This commitment had me get out of bed. It is based on what I care about. And behind that is a “for the sake of what” which supplies the juice for moving me in spite of the lethargy. My “why” is strong  enough to motivate me and had me look beyond my current low emotional state of being. This is not will power. This is holding onto a vision. And it brings a richness of choices. Ones with intention. This is how I totally turned around my day. This is how I live my life.

What are you committed to? What do you care about? How would fulfilling on your commitment take care of that?

Your answers to these questions holds the key to living satisfying and fulfilled days that make up a life well lived.

I find that if you answer them thoughtfully and honestly, you’ll find your compass and drive. And it’s worthy to evaluate and re-ask yourself every year to stay true to what’s true to you and your heart.

I wish you a day (and many more to follow) of taking care of yourself and all that you love. We are never guaranteed today. But we can certainly choose how we live in the moments we are granted. Each moment adds up to a life. We always have choice. We have one life. Live it well.

~ Little addendum:

If you find yourself in a funk, and this time of year that is quite common, here are some quick ideas to help pull you up.

  • Go outside! I don’t need to say much here. You know the benefits of being in nature and how invigorating it is to breathe in fresh, crisp air.
  • Move your body. Grab a jump rope like I did for a quick cardio kick. Talk a walk. Stretch. Wiggle your fingers and toes. Feel the life energy streaming throughout you and let it flow.
  • Nourish your body. Fuel it with life-giving foods like water, herbal tea, fresh produce, hummus. Whole, real food provides good energy. A yummy oatmeal breakfast cookie recipe always lifts my spirits! Happy to share if you want it!
  • Accomplish something easy and visible. Vacuum. It worked for me today. I also wrote this blog. Fed my kids breakfast. Took a shower. Whatever it is, celebrate the finished product. Now you have something to show for today!
  • Be around people. Be in community. I live with people, so this was built in. But I did go to the supermarket for more people exposure. And more food, of course.
  • Delegate or ask for help. Support is important. I “asked” my kids to clean the bathroom and pick up the kitchen. That helped free me up. I might ask my husband to pick up dinner on the way home. What else can I ask for. Hmmm. I think I’m on a roll. Why stop now?

These are simple ideas to help lift your emotional state. These are my go-tos, which help a lot. May you find them equally helpful.

Be well,


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