The Gateway to Grace and Abundance

My heart quickened as I lifted the phone. In moments I will be declaring to a friend and business advisor that I no longer need her services.

“Why am I so nervous?” I asked myself. “It’s just a conversation.” But I was a wreck. I worried: Will she take it personally in a negative way? Will she still be my friend?

Thankfully, inspiration and clarity struck. “I know how to shape this conversation and clothe it in love and appreciation!”

Coming from that space I now can’t get her on the phone fast enough!

Shanswers. I start by thanking her for all that she and I accomplished together in our business partnership.

 I deliberately list each and every goal we met and exceeded. My heart led the conversation and her heart opened wide in receptivity. It was beautiful.

When it came time for me to declare completion or graduation from our work together, she agreed joyfully and wholeheartedly. We celebrated this moment.

Thankfullness. That made all the difference. It shifted my energy from fear, anxiety and disconnect to one of love, connection and presence. My friend felt it, openly received it and our energy unified, strengthening our bond.

Gratitude is the language of love. The gateway to grace, abundance and blessings. 

During this time of Thanksgiving, I wish you an abundance of love and all good things. Gratitude is a practice and it starts wherever you are at. That’s the beauty of it.

Happy Thanksgiving. I’m grateful for you and all the people in my life. I feel truly blessed. May you feel that, too!

With love and gratitude,

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