Another way to give

The little girl’s face lit up with delight as she handed over her handmade birthday gift.

“Oh, dear. You didn’t have to do that,” replied her grandma who preferred to forget that she was a year older.

disappointed-girlThe granddaughter’s faced dropped and her head hung low.

“You could have just said, ‘Thank you,'” said the child’s mother.

The grandmother shook her sadly as she recounted this story to me. She was driving home the value of accepting compliments and being receptive to love. Just a moment ago, I failed to do just that.

Many parents teach their children to say, “please” and “thank you.” But are we practicing that ourselves when it comes to receiving an unexpected compliment? Compliments are gifts. Are we conditioned to accept them? Do we feel worthy of them?

Typically it’s comfortable for most folks to give gifts. However, without receiving there is no giving. And why not treat compliments along the same vein?

What if you really are worthy of receiving a gift that has no strings attached? That comes from someone’s heart? That comes from the spirit of generosity and

For the rest of this month, I challenge you to fully receive what is generously and thoughtfully offered to you. Notice your first reaction to it. Then pause and thank the person. For example, if you are given a compliment, pause and say, “Thank you.” Then say no more. Notice if you want to downplay or deflect it. Also, if receiving a compliment is already comfortable for you, acknowledge yourself for having built the skill of receiving. I challenge you to expand that practice to other areas of your life where you resist receiving something. Keep in mind that has you practice this, you’re modeling a healthy habit for your children.

Receiving is the completion of the circle. As human beings, we yearn for connection. To reach and touch each other. The flow of receiving and giving allows us to connect to the spirit of each other. To the heart of each other. That’s what life is all about.

Remember this holiday season: there is no giver without a receiver. Both are true gifts.

Happy holidays!

In the spirit of giving and receiving,



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