The challenge is,
with school homework,

And sports
And ballet
And the PTA
And the zillion activities
Of a working mom,
Hello Stress!
Relationships suffer.
Feelings get hurt.
It’s easy to get knocked off balance.
No wonder people end up feeling disoriented and powerless.
We can help.
Facing high-stress situations with ease, grace, and wisdom,
Doesn’t require a change in personality,
Or trading in your children.
Or hours of meditation.
Or giving up all your activities.
You can learn to embody the calm in the face of the raging storm.
And be untouched yet in touch with other people and with yourself.

Know your purpose and feel alive, passionate and free.

Learn to ask for what you want more effectively.

Trust at a deeper level and therefore take greater risks.

Take greater care of yourself and others through dignified boundary setting.

Regain your composure and sense of calm in the face of the storm.

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